About Us

Ray C. Cornell started the original Cornell Leathercraft business in Boulder, Colorado in 1952. He specialized in a wide range of leather items including belts, purses, tack and saddles. His son, Ray G. "Butch" Cornell, began working for his dad in 1968 about the same time they started to make belt buckles as a sideline to their leather business. After continuing to operate both sides of the business for many years, the workload became so great that they decided to drop the leather business and focus solely on the silver end of the business instead. Since that time, the number of custom belt buckles produced has soared well into the thousands, while the number of conchos created has reached tens of thousands. These custom buckles are all quality, handmade, hand engraved products that are entirely made in the United States.

In 1998, R&R Buckles moved the business to Longmont, Colorado where they are today.

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